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What is LP3?

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The Legal Professional Preparatory Program (LP3) is designed to prepare students for careers in law or related fields. This innovative program addresses two of the University's strategic priorities: educating the global citizen and bridging opportunity divides. Through LP3, UD alumni and friends of the University will interact with students, provide guidance and leadership, and serve as mentors. Ultimately, we hope to build an extensive and engaged community of Blue Hen Lawyers.

Partnerships for Success

  1. Students – We will provide our students with an exceptional educational experience. Building meaningful and long-lasting relationships will be our highest priority.

  2. Faculty – Our courses will be taught by UD faculty who will apply approved learning methods and rigorous assessments.

  3. Alumni & Friends of UD – LP3 offers alumni and friends the opportunity to make a lasting impact through the gifts of their time and resources.

Diverse Opportunities

  1. Programs – Members of the HenLaw Registered Student Organization (RSO)  will participate in activities focused around the law and receive course suggestions from  the College of Arts & Sciences. The Alumni HenLaw Affinity Group, an official UD organization of alumni interested in the law, will participate in University workshops and retreats.

  2. Networking – The HenLaw RSO will recruit and advise new students and provide leadership opportunities. The Alumni HenLaw Affinity Group will provide structured mentoring, internship facilitation, and ultimately professional hiring opportunities.

  3. Exposure – The program will expose students to the legal profession through UD faculty members, UD alumni with legal backgrounds, law-practicing friends of the University, and current law school students.

  4. Application – Specialized courses will focus on legal writing, oral communication, public performance, and database legal research. Upon completion of these courses, students will be eligible to receive a scholarship to cover their LSAT test fee and possibly more.

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What is LP3?
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What is LP3?