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LP3 Person Alumnus Alumni HenLaw Society

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Member People Alumni/KathyCardBeckles.jpgBeckles, Kathy Card General Counsel Card, Payments, Merchant Services & DigitalChemical EngineeringDetroit, MIGP0|#7e19df28-9fd5-420b-aee9-b5456cccb6f5;L0|#07e19df28-9fd5-420b-aee9-b5456cccb6f5|Corporate-Commercial/Transactional Litigation;GTSet|#ebd2f20b-6ea2-4d58-8fb5-44a0208fd571;GP0|#a8203902-bd38-4206-a28f-5b487c900acd;L0|#0a8203902-bd38-4206-a28f-5b487c900acd|Civil Litigation/ Products Liability;GP0|#1dacd2b8-0ba1-4485-b15e-a5f38edca1b4;L0|#01dacd2b8-0ba1-4485-b15e-a5f38edca1b4|Intellectual PropertyMemberChase BankUniversity of DelawareThe George Washington University<p>Kathlyn Card Beckles serves as the General Counsel for Card Services at JPMorgan Chase. She leads the teams responsible all legal issues relating to Credit Card, Payments Digital and Chase Merchant Services. Prior, Kathy was Chief Intellectual Property (IP) counsel at JPMC and managed a wide range of matters from IP litigation to entertainment and philanthropic sponsorships. Her prior legal experience spans public, private and judicial, having worked at Kenyon &amp; Kenyon, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and the Chambers of the Hon. Edward Damich of the Court of Federal Claims. </p><p>Before her legal career, Kathy honed her operational and strategic problem solving skills as an engineer, holding positions in analytical chemistry and process engineering. </p><p>Kathy received a law degree from The George Washington University and a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Delaware.</p>

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