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LP3 Person Alumnus Alumni HenLaw Society

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Treasurer People Alumni/R_3P6TVMVb4i9QRIr_CALOWAY1@2x[1].jpgCaloway, Mary F.Political Science, B.A.Middletown, DEGP0|#bc0bd854-1295-4ab5-a0cf-fb430305f003;L0|#0bc0bd854-1295-4ab5-a0cf-fb430305f003|Bankruptcy;GTSet|#ebd2f20b-6ea2-4d58-8fb5-44a0208fd571;GP0|#7e19df28-9fd5-420b-aee9-b5456cccb6f5;L0|#07e19df28-9fd5-420b-aee9-b5456cccb6f5|Corporate-Commercial/Transactional LitigationTreasurerBuchanan Ingersoll & RooneyUniversity of DelawareWidener University School of Law<p>Mary is well known to the Delaware bankruptcy bench and bar and well versed in local practice and procedures. She has experience in all aspects of a bankruptcy case and can represent any party-in-interest. </p><p>Mary concentrates her practice in the areas of commercial bankruptcy and restructuring. She has represented debtors, foreign representatives, equity holders, official committees, secured lenders, creditors, asset acquirers and other parties-in-interest in a number of national bankruptcy cases, primarily in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.  Mary has represented the foreign representatives of numerous international debtors in connection with the commencement of Chapter 15 proceedings in the United States.</p><p>Mary takes a practical approach to resolving the complex and sensitive issues of bankruptcy proceedings. She advocates for her clients, maintaining a focus on the bottom line while seeking the best path to a consensual business resolution.</p><p>Clients like having Mary in their corner. She negotiates for—and, when necessary, argues for—their rights, to ensure they are protected and in a position to maximize recovery.<br></p>

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