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LP3 Person Alumnus Alumni HenLaw Society

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Member People Alumni/silhouette bios.jpgMalat, Brian J. Manager, Government RelationsHistory, B.A., Minors in Political Science and Business AdministrationBaltimore, MDGP0|#035fdf75-ddf1-482a-852d-1ce0dec34bfe;L0|#0035fdf75-ddf1-482a-852d-1ce0dec34bfe|Government Practice (Federal, State, Local);GTSet|#ebd2f20b-6ea2-4d58-8fb5-44a0208fd571MemberVan Scoyoc Associates, Washington, DCUniversity of Delaware2013.00000000000American University Washington College of Law2020.00000000000Policy Consultant, Natural Resource Results <p>​Currently serve as Manager of Government Relations at Van Scoyoc Associates where I direct federal and legislative policy initiatives for clients. Currently enrolled in the evening program at American University’s Washington College of Law. Participate on American University Law Review.<br></p>

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