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LP3 Person Alumnus Alumni HenLaw Society

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Member People Alumni/hjjf_zachary_george.jpgGeorge, Zachary A.AttorneyDover, DEGP0|#7e19df28-9fd5-420b-aee9-b5456cccb6f5;L0|#07e19df28-9fd5-420b-aee9-b5456cccb6f5|Corporate-Commercial/Transactional Litigation;GTSet|#ebd2f20b-6ea2-4d58-8fb5-44a0208fd571;GP0|#744e4ecc-130f-4b12-a57e-68831562d304;L0|#0744e4ecc-130f-4b12-a57e-68831562d304|Criminal LawMemberDelaware LawUniversity of Delaware2008.00000000000Widener University School of Law2011.00000000000<p>Zachary A. George was born and raised in Kent County, Delaware. He graduated from Dover High School in 2004, from the University of Delaware in 2008, and from Widener University School of Law in 2011. He is admitted to practice in all Delaware Courts and in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware. He is a former law clerk in the Superior Court of Delaware and a former Deputy Attorney General with the Delaware Department of Justice.</p><p>Mr. George primarily practices criminal defense and civil litigation. He represents clients in all criminal matters including DUIs, misdemeanors, felonies, sentence modifications, and pardons. He represents clients in civil matters including personal injury, breach of contract, debt collection, and property disputes. He also represents clients before various administrative boards.</p><p>Mr. George is a member of the Kent County Bar association.</p>

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