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LP3 Person Alumnus Alumni HenLaw Society

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Member-at-Large People Alumni/Anna Trenga.pngTrenga, Anna Assistant ProsecutorCriminal Justice, B.A. & Psychology, B.AWashington Crossing, Pennsylvania GP0|#744e4ecc-130f-4b12-a57e-68831562d304;L0|#0744e4ecc-130f-4b12-a57e-68831562d304|Criminal Law;GTSet|#ebd2f20b-6ea2-4d58-8fb5-44a0208fd571;GP0|#035fdf75-ddf1-482a-852d-1ce0dec34bfe;L0|#0035fdf75-ddf1-482a-852d-1ce0dec34bfe|Government Practice (Federal, State, Local)Member-at-LargeCamden County NJ Prosecutor’s OfficeUniversity of Delaware2012.00000000000Temple University Beasley School of Law2016.00000000000<p>Anna is an Assistant Prosecutor at the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office, where she is in the Trial Team Unit. She prosecutes cases ranging from burglaries and drug offenses to attempted murder and aggravated sexual assault. Anna currently lives in Camden County, NJ. She is originally from Bucks County, PA, but moved around to different locations growing up, including California and England. While at UD, Anna was very involved with UDance, taught Zumba for Healthy Hens, and was a member of the Delaware Repertory Dance Company.</p>

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